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Black Cat and Co. is a provider of allied health services. Certified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner – whatever your mental or energetic needs are – we’ve got you covered.


We always start with a chat about what you would like to achieve and co-create a treatment plan. You are in control of your therapy at all times!


At the end of your first session, you will walk away with a plan, a clear idea of your investment and the overall goals.

You will also be supplied with a yearly subscription to our App – SolMed ™. SolMed™ is a meditation and self-hypnosis application available on Apple and Android devices. It will assist in your healing and development process by creating new, healthier neural pathways, helping you to achieve your goals.


We aim to make our help available to as many people as may need it, regardless of your background and situation. A fortnightly appointment is available on Pay What You Can Afford basis. Drop us a line to see when the next appointment is available and we’ll get back to you.


The practice is located in Young, NSW. However, we do take online appointments for the work that does not include trauma, clinical depression, grief, addiction or past life regression. We feel that the physical presence of the client and therapist in the same room is required to maintain safety and response-ability for the clients suffering from trauma, severe depression, grief and addiction. Please contact a practitioner you are able to see in person to help you in those cases.