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Black Cat and Co. is a provider of hypnotherapy and  psychotherapy services. 


We always start with a chat about what you would like to achieve and co-create a treatment plan. You are in control of your therapy at all times!


While your therapist is your guide on the healing on the way to a healthier and more authentic you, you are the one doing the hard work. So please come prepared to roll up your (metaphorical) sleeves. We will do whatever we can to lighten your burden, provide compassion, understanding and warmth.


We aim to make our help available to as many people as may need it, regardless of your background and situation. A fortnightly appointment is available on Pay What You Can Afford basis. Drop us a line to see when the next appointment is available and we’ll get back to you.


While we love working in person, current environment compels us to change the way we work – to maintain a safe environment and consistency of services. In our experience, appointments over Zoom work just as well for the client, as face to face appointments, and therefore, we are now 100% online for the foreseeable future. We hope you can join us on this journey.