About clinic


The clinic is now 100% online to ensure the health and safety of the clients.


While your safety is our foremost concern, we also recognise the plusses and minuses of conducting the healing process in that manner.

We see the freedom of the client to be in a comfortable home environment during the appointment as a plus. As well as the client’s ability to rest straight after the appointment without the need to drive home.


There are occasionally concerns around privacy – for your online appointment, we ask you to make sure you have a safe and secure space in which you can say whatever needs to be said and go through the experience without being interrupted. Our Zoom calls have privacy settings in place – no one can join without an invitation and a separate permission to enter.


Another concern is the need for immediate physical support in cases of severe trauma. If you believe (or come to realise during the appointment) that you may be in need of support by someone who is physically present with you, we will interrupt the treatment and postpone all activity until you can arrange the necessary support – it can be a loved one or a friend you trust who may just be present in the house during the appointment, to provide support as needed. It is very rare that this becomes a concern – but it can sometimes happen.


Overall, we truthfully believe that the benefits outweigh the concerns, particularly at this present moment in history. And hope you can join us on this exciting journey.